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PFCG.01 Searching for Technical NamesLocate this document in the navigation structure


Some icons and pushbuttons on the Menu tab page are useful for troubleshooting:

  • Search in Role Menu

  • Position

  • Switch on/off technical names

Search, Position and Technical Name

For example, we have a problem in NWBC where we know the settings for a certain entry are the source of the problem in PFCG. So we render out this string and tell the user to find this entry within a role. To see the technical names of your individual menu entries, choose the Switch on Technical Names pushbutton. This causes the technical names of the menu entries to be displayed in the navigation tree, in addition to the textual description. Choose the Search in Role Menu pushbutton, enter the given search string, and specify whether the search is to be carried out in the technical names or in texts, or in both. Then this entry is highlighted in the navigation tree.

Search in Role Menu

If you need to find a certain node ID, choose the Position pushbutton, enter the node ID in question, and choose Enter. The system highlights the relevant node ID in the Other Node Details section and expands the navigation tree to the relevant entry.

Position on Node ID 57

For more information about the Menu tab page, see 5.4 Menu Options and 5.5 Navigation Tree.