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9.2.4 Allow the User Group to Access the Portal Page and the PortletLocate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Log in to the IBM WebSphere Portal as administrator and choose Administration .

  2. Select Manage Pages from the navigation bar (section Portal User Interface ) and search for the label you created in the previous chapter. Choose Set Page Permission for the corresponding entry.

    Set Page Permission

  3. Choose Edit Role for the User role.

    Edit Role

  4. Choose the Add pushbutton.


  5. Search for all User Groups , select the EPM user group, and confirm your entries with OK .

    EPM Users

  6. Select the title link of the label ( EPM ) and choose Done .

  7. Select Portlets from the navigation bar (section Portlet Management ) and search for the portlet you created. For more information, see 9.2.2 Create a Portlet Pointing to a WDA Application via NWBC . Choose Assign access to Portlet for the corresponding entry.

    Assign access to Portlet

  8. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for the currently selected page.

  9. Click the title link of the portlet ( Purchase Orders ) and choose Done .