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When a trip is created with the trip completed/to be accounted status, the approve trip workflow is started.

Workflow template: WS20000040

Abbreviation: TripApproval

Name: Approve Trip

Triggering Event of Workflow Template

The Created event ( trip to be approved) of the BUS2089 object type ( employee trip) is entered as the triggering event of the workflow template.


This "linkage" between the event and the workflow template to be started is deactivated in the standard system. If you want to start the workflow template, the linkage must be activated in Customizing for SAP Business Workflow.

Workflow Container and Binding

The most important information that must be available during workflow are the object reference to the trip to be processed ( _Evt_Object ), and the name of the person who entered the trip data ( _Evt_Creator ). This information is available as event parameters in the container for the triggering event, and must be transferred to the workflow container by "binding".

The standard system includes the following binding definition between the triggering event and the workflow container:

Workflow Container


Event Parameter Container







In the standard system, the _WF_Initiator element is included in the workflow container. The EmployeeTrip element was also created in addition to the existing standard elements.



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