SAP Sourcing

SAP Sourcing covers the entire strategic source to contract process, including standard integration to SAP ECC and SRM, across all categories of spend. It consists of a suite of the following solutions:

  • SAP Strategic Sourcing

  • SAP Contract Lifecycle Management (SAP CLM)

  • SAP Supplier Management

The key features of each of these solutions are listed below.

SAP Strategic Sourcing

SAP Strategic Sourcing lets you drive sustainable cost savings while ensuring sustainable sourcing processes.

This solution provides the following key features:

  • Project management

    Bring internal stakeholders together using a shared, online project plan. Keep team members up-to-date using status reports and alerts. Track opportunities for savings. Leverage preconfigured business process templates to reduce cycle time and help ensure that best practices are repeated throughout your organization.

  • Collaborative, multiround sourcing processes

    Enable multiple rounds to identify qualified suppliers and negotiate pricing while leveraging collaborative scoring and bid optimization features. Carry key data forward into a comprehensive request for proposal or auction.

  • Requests for information, proposals, and quotations

    Conduct simple or complex sourcing activities for direct, indirect, and service categories by automating the creation of requests for information, proposals, and quotations.

  • Robust reporting

    Analyze supplier responses using side-by-side comparisons, pricing, and potential savings reports. Help ensure that diverse suppliers are being invited to participate in sourcing events. Evaluate award decisions over time to understand what key criteria are being used in awarding business to suppliers.

  • Effective auctions

    Create competitive bidding environments using reverse, forward, and Dutch auctions. Interact with suppliers in real time, using instant messaging, bidding consoles with real-time updates, and graphical representations of auction activities. Easily manage bidding and disclosure rules, such as bid and rank visibility, automatic extensions, weighted-bidding cost factors, staggered start and end times for individual items, and reserve prices.

  • Integrated sourcing and procurement execution

    Integrate sourcing and procurement processes with SAP ERP and SAP SRM to drive compliance and realize savings.

SAP Contract Lifecycle Management

SAP Contract Lifecycle Management (SAP CLM) lets you optimize corporate contracts by automating contract creation, enhancing visibility, improving compliance, and delivering rapid time to value. By managing the entire contract lifecycle consistently across the enterprise, you can realize the full value of your contracts, resulting in higher profits and lower legal and financial risk.

This solution provides the following key features:

  • Standardized, automated contract creation from clause libraries and templates

    Streamline the approval process with consistent, preapproved language, controlled edits, and appropriate approvals.

  • Fully searchable repository

  • Contract performance management

    Encourage purchasing under contract terms, track accruals against contracts, and streamline activities by quickly reporting on outstanding commitments and contracts.

  • Integration with back-end systems and processes

    Improve compliance by integrating contract information into back-end systems.

  • Management of expirations and contract audits

    Optimize contract negotiations by initiating timely renewals and leveraging the full contract history to negotiate better terms and conditions.

SAP Supplier Management

SAP Supplier Management lets you optimize supplier onboarding, information management, evaluation, and performance management. With full supplier visibility, you can make more-informed, collaborative supply decisions that boost profitability.

This solution provides the following key features:

  • Supplier onboarding and qualification

    Automate supplier onboarding processes with supplier self-service and identify the right suppliers easily by streamlining the process for gathering additional information.

  • Supplier development

    Drive improved performance with centralized monitoring and administration of supplier development.

  • Supplier performance management

    Manage scorecards and alerts related to key supplier performance indicators.

  • Supplier information management

    Capture, centralize, and share the most up-to-date supplier data across the enterprise, enabling more-informed, collaborative supply decisions.