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This function or procedure is available with SAP CRM or SAP ERP as the back end connected to SAP Web Channel Experience Management. Note that if you use SAP CRM as the back end, a system connection between SAP CRM and SAP ERP might be required.

SAP Web Channel Experience Management helps you increase sales revenue as well as customer satisfaction by allowing Web shop customers to carry out the complete sales process online in a Web shop.

You make settings for e-commerce in Web Channel Builder in the following modules:

  • My Account

  • Checkout

  • Checkout Process Configuration

  • Common Settings

  • In-Store Pickup

  • Payment Methods

  • Sales Transactions

  • Shopping Templates

  • Wish Lists


To offer e-commerce features to your customers, you may use any of the following Web Channel application templates when creating a Web shop, depending on the back end:



  • SAP_eCommerce_eMarketing

  • SAP_Full

  • SAP_Full_Contact_Scenario

  • SAP_Trade


For more information, see Web Channel Application Templates.


E-commerce includes the following main features:

  • Web shop customers can search for products or search for their own transactions.

    For more information, see Search.

  • Products may include generic articles, gift cards, and configurable products.

    For more information, see Trade: Generic Articles, Gift Cards, and Configurable Products.

  • Web shop customers can browse the product catalog. They can add products from the catalog, from a wish list or a shopping template, or from their own transactions to a shopping cart, receive availability information and pricing information, and submit their orders. Instead of having the products delivered, they can also choose to pick them up at the nearest store.

    For more information, see Shopping Cart, Wish Lists, Shopping Templates, and In-Store Pickup.

  • Web shop customers can also request quotations from the shopping cart, for example to ask for a discount on a product, and create orders from the quotations received. For more information, see Quotations.

  • On checkout, they can choose between several payment methods and delivery options, and enter ship-to and bill-to addresses.

    For more information, see Checkout.

  • After submission of orders, they can display order confirmations. If still possible, they can cancel orders or change the bill-to address or ship-to address.

    For more information, see Changing Addresses or Canceling Orders.

  • E-commerce features are tightly integrated with e-marketing features (SAP CRM back end).

    For more information, see E-Marketing.


The following table lists the parameters that determine the scope of functions and fields:


More Information

Back end

E-commerce functionality differs slightly depending on whether you use SAP CRM or SAP ERP as back end.


Java Cart or Back-End Cart

Settings in the Sales Transactions module of Web Channel Builder

  • Settings that enable or disable certain functions

  • Settings that hide or show fields on the UI

  • Shopping Cart UI setting: The standard UI displays the most important fields and enables Web shop customers to complete orders fast. The extended UI displays more fields and provides more information to Web shop customers.

Message Handling

To hide some of the complexity of back-end processing from Web shop customers, not all of the messages issued by the back end are displayed on the e-commerce pages of SAP Web Channel Experience Management, such as the pages for shopping cart, payment methods, or checkout. You can adapt back-end messages to your needs by hiding, unhiding, or rewording them. For more information, see the Development and Extension Guide: Generic Information for SAP Web Channel Experience Management on SAP Service Marketplace at, section 5.1.3 Message Handling.

Extensions for E-Commerce

You can extend a wide range of features within e-commerce to adapt them to your specific needs, such as features in the shopping cart, in pricing, address handling, store locator, order search, payment using payment service providers, product configuration, and others. For more information, see the Development and Extension Guide: Application-Specific Information for SAP Web Channel Experience Management on SAP Service Marketplace at

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