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Component documentationDiagram Manager


You use the Diagram Manager in SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management to structure your contexts, mission, vision, perspectives, objectives, and KPIs, along with their associated performance scores, into goal diagrams, process flows, geographic maps, and other organizational diagrams. You can create up to three diagrams for the Strategy component. The first diagram must be the goal diagram. Once published, these diagrams support communication and collaboration between different functional and strategic business groups of your organization.

When you launch Diagram Manager from Set Strategy Defaults in the Administrator, a unique instance of the Diagram Manager opens for each diagram you create.

Implementation Considerations

To add a goal diagram, you must have already installed the Diagram Manager component onto your client machine. If you have not yet installed it on your client machine, refer to the Client Installation Guide for SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management Diagram Manager located on SAP Service Marketplace.

You have created a master list of perspectives and objectives, set up a context, and assigned perspectives and objectives to the context. You may also want to define mission and vision statements, themes or pathways toward objectives, and the cause and effect relationships between objectives. This is all done in the Administrator.

For information, see Administration.

Because your overall strategy is not dependent on a dimensional model or model connection, you can start developing your diagrams for the Strategy component immediately. Once the data is available, you can display status information on the diagrams and users can link directly to the Scorecard component.


You can perform the following tasks with Diagram Manager:

  • You can choose whether to work in Auto-Layout mode, Design Manually mode, or Custom Image mode. For information, see Modes.

  • You can develop your diagram. For more information, see Diagram Development.

  • You can publish the diagram to the Web server and then save your settings in the Administrator. You can do this as many times as needed when creating and editing diagrams. For information, see Published Diagrams.

  • You can unpublish a published diagram at any time from the Administrator. It is therefore possible to take an iterative approach when developing the diagrams. For information, see Unpublished Diagrams.

  • You can update a diagram. For information, see Updating a Diagram to Reflect New Administrator Settings