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Function documentationAttachments


In SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM), you can manage attachments for:

  • All purchasing documents, at both item and header level.

    Note Note

    In the shopping cart, you can only manage attachments at item level.

    End of the note.
  • Products in a work item during the approval process.

SAP SRM supports all formats that can be uploaded from a file directory.


When transferring items from a catalog, SAP SRM copies the attachments of the catalog item into the purchasing document.


To display attachments in your Internet browser, you have made one of the following settings in the HTTP Service Tree under <Virtual Host>   sap  ebp   docserver  :

  • You have entered a user in the log on data.

  • You have configured Single-Sign-On.

    See the path in the SAP menu:   Tools  System Administration   Administration   Network   SICF — HTTP Service Hierarchy Maintenance  .

For the Single-Sign-On configuration, you have set up and carried out the following:

  • The profile parameter login/create_sso2_ticket of your SRM Server system has the value 2

  • The profile parameter login/accept_sso2_ticket of your SRM Server system has the value 1

  • Following a system restart, you have run transaction SSO2 with the RFC destination NONE.


Managing Attachments



Create attachments

You can create attachments by uploading them from a file directory.

Display attachments

You can display existing attachments in the browser (as long as the file format supports this).

If you have created attachments for shopping cart items in the SRM application Shop , you can display these in the application Check Status. You cannot change them, however.

Edit attachments offline

You can check out an attachment and edit it locally. Once you have finished editing, you can check the attachment back into the system.

Checked-out attachments are locked by the system and cannot be changed by other users until you have checked them in again.

Versioning of attachments

When you check in a modified attachment, you can decide whether you want to create a new version of the attachment, or whether you want to save your modifications to the current version of the attachment by overwriting it.

An attachment can contain a number of versions, including the active version and the obsolete ones. The active version is the most recent version of the attachment. The systems saves all of the versions and allows you to display them in the Document screen of the purchasing document.

Internal use

You can mark attachments as internal and in doing so prevent them from being sent to external recipients.

SRM includes an attachment marked as internal in the corresponding purchase order, it does not, however, transfer it to the vendor system.

Attachments in work items

Users with the role Manager, or reviewers of an approval process can display existing attachments. However, they cannot delete existing attachments.

They can add new attachments and subsequently delete these or mark them as internal.


  1. To add attachments to a purchasing document, open the document for editing.

  2. Click on Notes and Attachments

  3. Click on Add Attachment

  4. Browse for the local document that you want to attach and click on open.

  5. Enter a description.

  6. Check if the attachment is to remain internal.

  7. Click on Save

    The system adds the attachment to the overview.