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Function documentation Shipping Notification (ASN) Processing 


You can use this function to create, edit, and send shipping notifications (ASNs) in Supplier Self-Services (SUS).


When you create an ASN in SUS and send it to the purchaser, an inbound delivery is automatically created in SAP Materials Management (MM).


Create ASNs

You can create ASNs on the basis of a purchase order. The document control settings in the purchase order determine whether or not you can create an ASN for an item. Purchasers use these document control settings to specify which follow-on documents they expect. The SUS system copies all of the items for which a purchaser has specified that he or she expects a confirmation from the purchase order to the ASN.

Select ASNs

You have the following options for selecting ASNs:

·  All ASNs

·  According to status

·  With the search function; see Document Search


You can select ASNs by status as follows:


This means:

Follow-on status

In Process

This status is set automatically when you create an ASN.



This status is set once you have delivered the goods and selected Shipped to Customer.



Change ASN


The change options described here might depend on the settings you make in the SUS system or in the Implementation Guide (IMG).

You can change the following ASN data at header level:

Basic Data

This means:

Shipping notification (ASN)

You can change the number of the ASN.

Document name

You can change the document name of the ASN.

Delivery information


Delivery date (expected)

You can select the date and time for the expected delivery date of direct materials.

Shipping date, shipping time

You can select the date and time for the actual shipping of direct materials.

Means of transportation

You must enter a means of transportation (such as mesh box pallet, or pick handling units, for example).

Transport ID

You must classify the means of transport (by entering the license plate number of a truck, for example).

Bill of lading

You can enter the description or number of a bill of lading that is sent with the direct materials.


You can change the following ASN data at item level:

Basic Data



You can change the quantity if necessary.



Net weight

You can change the net weight of the item.

Gross weight

You can enter the gross weight of the item.

Weight unit

You can enter a weight unit (such as grams or kilograms).


In the case of products sold by volume, you can change the volume of the item.

Volume unit

You can enter a unit for the volume (such as cubic meters or liters).

Additional Functions

·  Hold

You can use an existing ASN as the basis (template) for a new ASN.

·  Goods delivered to recipient

When you select Goods Shipped to Recipient, an inbound delivery document is automatically created for the purchaser.

·  Create invoice

You can create invoices with references to ASNs.

·  Display document flow

You can display a list of all the documents related to the ASN.

For example, you can determine whether invoices have been sent for the ASN.

·  Copy

You can use an existing ASN as the basis (template) for a new ASN.

·  Download

You can download ASNs in CSV or XML format.

·  Print

You can print ASNs in CSV, XML, or PDF format.


When you download documents, ensure that your SUS user and your computer have the same language and country settings. Otherwise the time, date, and numbers will not appear correctly.

·  Create ASN on the basis of scheduling agreement releases

See Displaying Scheduling Agreement Releases


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