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Component documentation mySAP™ Supplier Relationship Management 


mySAP™ Supplier Relationship Management (mySAP SRM)provides you with innovative methods to coordinate your business processes with your key suppliers and make them more effective. mySAP SRM enables you to optimize your procurement strategy, to work more effectively with your vendor pool, and thus to gain long-term benefits from all your vendor relationships.

With mySAP SRM you can examine and forecast purchasing behavior, shorten procurement cycles, and work with your partners in real time. This allows you to develop long-term relationships with all those vendors that have proved themselves to be reliable partners.

The efficient processes in mySAP SRM enable you to cut down your procurement expenses and to work more intensively with more vendors than ever before.


mySAP SRM consists of the following Business Scenarios:

·  Structure linkSelf-Service Procurement

·  Structure linkService Procurement

·  Structure linkPlan-Driven Procurement

·  Structure linkSpend Analysis

·  Structure linkStrategic Sourcing

·  Catalog Content Management

·  Structure linkContract Management


mySAP SRM is based on the following components:

·  Structure linkSAP Bidding Engine

·  Structure linkSAP Business Information Warehouse

·  Structure linkSAP Enterprise Buyer

·  Structure linkSAP Exchange Infrastructure

·  Supplier Self-Services

·  SAP Catalog Content Management

·  Structure linkSAP Enterprise Portal





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