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Process documentation Using Business Graphics 


This tutorial shows you in a step-by-step manner how to create a simple business graphic using Web Dynpro.

A simple business graphic is a chart consisting of a category and one or more data series. Column charts, bar charts and pie charts are typical examples of simple business graphics.

Simple business graphics are to be distinguished from complex business graphics such as scatter charts and portfolio charts.

For background information read the documentation on business graphic in Web Dynpro.

Example of a Business Graphic

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


The Internet Graphics Service (SAP IGS) must be installed. It is part of the default installation of the Web Application Server.

Process Flow

You can create an application to display a simple business graphic by carrying out the following steps:


  1.  Carrying out the Initial Steps

  2.  Inserting a Business Graphic in the View

  3.  Editing the Properties for the UI Element

  4.  Editing its Context for the View 

  5.  Changing the Type Property of the Data Series

  6.  Binding the Data

  7.  Supplying the Context with Data

  8.  Building, Deploying and Running the Project

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