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Objektdokumentation PKWiU 


A number used in Poland to classify materials according to the Polish Classification of Goods and Services.

The system is used by the Central Statistics Office to prepare manufacturing statistics, and by the finance ministry to categorize materials for the purposes of taxation. It has replaced the Systematic List of Products (see SWW).


In SAP R/3, you define the PKWiUs in Customizing. You can then assign each of your materials a PKWiU, and print the material’s PKWiU in correspondence, reports, and other business documents.


You enter the PKWiUs in Customizing for Logistics – General, by choosing Material Master  ® Material IDs  ® Maintain PKWiUs.

Master Data

You assign a PKWiU to each of your material master records. To access the material master, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics ® Materials Management ® Material Master ® Material ®

You enter the PKWiU on the Foreign Trade: Import Data tab, in the Control Code field.

Day-to-Day Activities

You can print the PKWiU in any correspondence and in any statutory reports.

When you create a tax invoice in Sales and Distribution (SD), the invoice itemizes the materials that you have sold. The law requires you to print the PKWiU of any of the items are taxed below the standard rate (see Tax Invoice).

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