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The following information is relevant only if you integrate SAP Sourcing with SAP ERP. For more information, see Integration of SAP Sourcing and SAP ERP.

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An external system represents an SAP ERP system that is integrated with SAP Sourcing.

Defining an External System in SAP Sourcing

The SAP ERP system must exist before you define it as an external system in SAP Sourcing.

  1. Log on to SAP Sourcing as a user with system administration rights.

  2. Choose Setup.

  3. On the System Setup tab, find the Integration section and click External Systems.

  4. Choose New.

  5. Enter the required information.

    In the External ID field, enter the logical system name of the SAP ERP system. For information about how to look up the logical system name of the SAP ERP system, see Define External System in the configuration guide for the integration of SAP ERP and SAP Sourcing. You can find the configuration guide on SAP Service Marketplace at   SAP Business Suite Applications  SAP Sourcing  .


In system property odp.doc.integration.external_system, you enter one of the external systems as the default integrated system. For more information, see System Properties.