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Object documentation Organizational Structure 


Representation of the reporting structure and the distribution of tasks using organizational units (departments, for example) in an enterprise.


If you want to use Organizational Management and want to create an

organizational plan , you must create the basic parts of an organizational structure.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Depending on how you want to use Organizational Management, you must decide which units you want to include in your organizational structure. For a rough depiction, you can restrict the structure to the main departments. For a more detailed depiction, you can also include subsections and work groups, for example.

According to this organizational structure, you can execute evaluations data, or , in Workflow, you can search for the agent of a task.

You carry out assignments and restrictions in the representation of an organizational structure. For more information, see

Working with Screen Areas.

See also:

Editing the Organizational Structure


An organizational structure is made up of

organizational units , which represent the departments, work groups etc. in your enterprise.


For each organizational unit which is an element of an organizational structure, you can create and edit

staff assignments .