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 Test Cases Tab 


You can assign test cases, scenarios, processes, or process steps in this tab. The test cases assigned here can be used as default values for a project when you create test plans.

For more information, see Create Test Plan for a Project.

The Test Cases tab is not relevant if you organize tests with the SAP Quality Center by HP. It can be hidden in this case.


Assign new or existing test cases to a scenario structure

In this tab, you assign test cases, scenarios, processes, or process steps, which you want to use later for a process-oriented test. You can assign existing test cases or create new ones. You can create, change, and display the following test case types:

  Test documents, such as Microsoft Word documents, web links (URL), and so on.

For more information, see Editing Documents.

You can assign the following test case description attributes:

  Display the test case description change history in the History tab

  Link to other existing documents that belong to the test case description in the Links tab

  Manual test cases in SAPscript

  External applications

  Automatic test cases, such as eCATT test configurations or third-party test tools with certified interface

  Function module tests

You can use a where-used list to see the structure item to which a test case is assigned. Proceed in the same way to the Create Where-Used List section in the Transactions tab (see Transactions tab).

Edit shipped test cases for business functions centrally

If you have create a configuration structure with the business functions assigned in your project or solution, the test cases shipped with the system for the business functions or the subordinate test catalogs are displayed automatically.

By choosing the Convert Test Case pushbutton, you can copy test cases to the SAP Solution Manager system directly and convert them to a Microsoft Word document. Afterwards, you can make changes to the test documents and include them in test plans.

Saving test cases

For function module tests, choose a component: These test cases are then saved in the associated managed system.

You can also save manual test cases in SAPscript, external applications, or eCATT test configurations in a central system, instead of a managed system. You define systems for these central objects in Project Administration. If a central system is defined, do not choose any components in the Test Cases tab. The test cases are automatically saved in the central system. For further information, see Specify System Landscape for Central Objects.

Manual test cases in Microsoft Word format are saved in the Solution Manager Knowledge Warehouse.

Link manual test cases to a transaction or a program

If a manual test case describes testing a transaction or a program, you can link it to the transaction. The tester can then read the test case description and call the transaction directly from his worklist in the Test transaction.

For more information, see Link Manual Test Case to Transactions/Reports and Test Execution.

Other functions

  You can display the descriptions of test cases and run automatic test cases individually or collectively.

  You can display the test case error logs.

For further information about creating test cases and the Test Workbench, see the Test Workbench component in the SAP Library.