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Procedure documentation Maintaining Country and Transportation Zones for Shipping Point 


In this Customizing activity, you assign countries and transportation zones that you defined in a previous step for each shipping point. It is essential to assign a shipping point to a departure country and departure zone, since this information is critical for selecting deliveries. The shipping point is located in the departure country.

You only can assign one transportation zone per shipping point. However, you can assign the same transportation zone to more than one shipping point.


Shipping points are defined. (Example: Z001)

Transportation zones are defined.



  1.  In Customizing for Logistics Execution, choose Transportation ® Basic Transportation Functions ® Routes ® Route Determination ® Maintain Country and Transportation Zone for Shipping Point.

  2.  In the Customizing table that appears, select Change mode, if necessary.

  3.  Enter the following data:

Field Name

User Action and Default Values


Locate the shipping point you wish to assign a transportation zone to.

Example: Z001


Is automatically displayed.


Enter the desired country code.

Example: DE


Is automatically displayed depending on the chosen country code.

Example: GERMANY


Enter a description for the new transportation zone.

Example: DSD0000001


Is automatically displayed depending on the transportation zone chosen.


  4.  Save your entries.


The transportation zone is a criteria in the customer master data records. During transportation planning, the system needs to know which shipping point to use when selecting customer deliveries to create a shipment. This aspect of the route determination process is supported by having linked transportation zone and shipping points.

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