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Procedure documentation Defining Loading Groups 


In this menu option, you define the loading groups which must be entered in each material master record on the Sales: General/Plant tab for each plant.

The system can carry out the shipping point determination only when a loading group is defined in the material master record. The system determines the shipping point based on the following criteria:

·  Shipping conditions of the customer

·  Loading group of the materials

·  Plant of the materials



  1.  In Customizing for Logistics Execution, choose Shipping ®Basic Shipping Functions ® Shipping Point and Goods Receiving Point Determination ® Define Loading Groups.

  2.  Choose New Entries.

  3.  Enter the following data:

Field Name

User Action and Default Values


Enter an alphanumeric key with up to 4 digits for each loading group to be defined. Example: FORK


Enter a description for the new loading group.

Example: FORK-LIFT

  4.  Select Enter.

  5.  Repeat step 3 and 4 to maintain additional loading groups.

  6.  Save your entries.


Make sure that the loading group is entered in the material master records.


Loading groups are defined and available for use within the master data records.

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