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Procedure documentation Leading System Role and Other System Roles 



  check, or change, the assignment of  logical components to your systems, to ensure the monitoring of your business processes.

  add other system roles, to ensure monitoring of all the systems in your transport path.


You have:

  Created a solution

  Created systems and logical components in the system landscape maintenance (transaction SMSY).


  1.  Choose the transaction SOLUTION_MANAGER.

  2.  Choose the Solution Landscape tab in the Operations Setup area.

  3.  Choose the Solution Landscape link.


Alternatively, you can also select a solution from the Overview of active solutions and go to the Solution Directory.

  4.  Select your solution.

You can define, change and delete the system roles and logical components of your solution in the System Group tab, as follows:


  Specify the leading role of the solution

The leading system role defines all systems in which the business processes run.


  i.  Choose the leading system role Navigation Role, from the possible entries help for the System Group tab.

  ii.  Save.


When you have saved, you can no longer change the leading system role.


  Add system roles and systems

Choose other system roles if, for example, you want to monitor other systems than your production systems in the solution.


  i.  Choose Additional System Roles in the System Group tab.

A dialog box appears.

  ii.  Choose other system roles.


You can define user system roles with Edit System Roles.

  Choose the field in the role.

  Choose Copy – Remove System.



The selected system role appears in the tab with the systems.

  iv.  To put a system with this role in the solution, choose Put in the Solution, with the right-hand mouse key.

The background color turns green, and the system is in the solution.


  Create logical component


  i.  Choose the possible entries help for the Logical Components column.

  ii.  Choose Create in the dialog box.

The Create Logical Component dialog box appears.

  iii.  Enter the required data from the possible entries help.


Name your logical components following the convention <Z><component name>, so they are not in the SAP namespace.

You can also specify non-SAP products for the logical component.


  iv.  Save.


  Change logical component


  i.  Select the row for which you want to change the logical component.

  ii.  Choose Change Logical Component.

The system goes to the System Landscape Maintenance (transaction SMSY).

  iii.  Change the logical component.

  iv.  Save.


You can change the logical component for the solution or substructure, for example business scenario or process.


  Delete logical component


  i.  Select the row for the logical component.

  ii.  Choose Remove Logical Component.

  iii.  Save.


You can only delete an assigned logical component if it is not used in any other solution. Check the use with Log. Comp. Where-Used List.