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Background documentation Ad Hoc Query and Analysis 

With this variant, business experts can analyze data ad hoc, create query views and save and distribute the result of the ad hoc analysis. The BEx Web Analyzer is available in the Business Explorer (BEx) for this purpose. The Web Analyzer is a user-friendly analysis tool that can be called in the Web browser using a URL or in the portal as an iView .

It demonstrates how business experts can use data providers based either on data from SAP NetWeaver BI or from multidimensionally stored data from third-party providers to analyze business data in the Web or in the portal in a user-friendly way.  Analysis and navigation options such as swapping columns, adding and removing characteristics and key figures using Drag&Drop, setting filter values and drilldown of data to the characteristic values are available for this purpose. In addition, data can be displayed in chart form and exceptions and conditions can be created.

After the analysis, the changed drilldown status of the data can be saved as a query view. The query views can then be used as data providers for BEx Web Applications, workbooks in the BEx Analyzer and reports in the BEx Report Designer. The result of the analysis can also be saved and distributed using information broadcasting.

Scenario Variant Architecture

The following graphic provides an overview of the architecture:


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

In the BEx Web Analyzer, you select the data provider, perform an ad hoc analysis of the data, save the drilldown status of the data that has been changed by analysis and navigation as a query view, and generate a new data provider. Data providers are based either on BI InfoProviders, queries (which are based on BI InfoProviders), query views or multidimensionally stored data from third party providers. The saved query views can also be used as a data provider in other BEx tools. You can save the views for the Web application that have changed as a result of the analysis in the portal (BEx Portfolio) and use information broadcasting to broadcast them by email or to the portal. The Web Analyzer can be called using an URL in the Web browser or as in iView in the portal.

IT Processes of the Scenario Variant

This scenario variant comprises the following IT processes:


What You Need to Know...

Selecting a Data Provider

In this process you select a data provider that forms the basis of the ad hoc analysis. In the Web Analyzer, data providers of type query view (runtime object) are used. A query view can be based on the following elements:

  InfoProvider from SAP NetWeaver BI

  Query from SAP NetWeaver BI (these queries are based on InfoProviders)

  Saved query view from SAP NetWeaver BI

  Multidimensionally stored data from third-party systems.

Ad hoc Analysis

In this process you perform an ad hoc analysis of the business data. A variety of analysis options are available that you can use and call using the BEx Web Analyzer. For example, you can set filter values, generate a ranked list condition (top N) and display the data in chart form. Once you have analyzed your data, you can save the changed drilldown status of the data as a query view and use it as a data provider in the Web Analyzer or in other BEx tools as required. You can save the result of the Web application generated by the analysis and distribute it using information broadcasting.




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