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Component documentation Account Origination 


In the banking environment, you can use this scenario to support the advisory and application process for financial service products such as consumer loans or real estate financing, and map this in the system. The scenario helps you to analyze customer data and asset targets, calculate and create customer-specific quotations, assess risk, and conclude contracts.

The scenario includes two application components: SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) is used as a frontend application, which you use to access the functions of various backend applications. As a result, you have a central point of access for executing processes that previously ran on separate systems with redundant data and can integrate these processes in your enterprise’s overall system landscape.

Implementation Notes

When you carry out the account origination scenario, you use the functions described in this section.

For a description of the complete scenario process, see the help documentation for mySAP Customer Relationship Management under Business Scenarios ® Industry-Specific CRM ® Service Industries ® Account Origination.


To map the account origination process, you need the following components:

  mySAP CRM 5.0

  SAP NetWeaver 2004s: SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (SAP NetWeaver XI) 7.0, SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.0

To be able to use the functions in the backend applications, you need the following components:

  SAP ERP 2005 enhancement EA FINSERV 600: SAP Loans Management and SAP Collateral Management


Without additional development work for account origination, you can only use Loan Management in SAP ERP 2005. If you want to use a predecessor version, you must make modifications.

  SAP Financial Supply Chain Management 6.0: SAP Credit Management Server (credit standing check)

  SAP Deposits Management 4.0 (Transaction Banking 4.0): Account management (to display accounts in the total commitment)

For more information, see Connecting External Systems.


The following diagram shows an overview of the functions and relationships in account origination:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The following functions are available for account origination:

  To make the functions needed for account origination available in bundled form and thus to enable a customer-oriented business process, you can use the Business Package for Financial Services with special solutions for customer relationship managers and administrators.

For more information, see Structure linkBusiness Package for Financial Services 5.0

  You can map financial service products (FS products) in the system using a separate product type. You can also group together several products to form product bundles and create relationships between products.

For more information, see Product.

  To maintain and manage customer data, you use the SAP business partners for financial services.

For more information, see SAP Business Partners for Financial Services.

  To map your FS products in the system, you can enhance both the product master data and business transactions, and can also enhance distribution of the data to the backend applications.

For more information, see Enhancement of the Product Master and Business Transaction.

  You use Case Management to centrally manage and maintain the information for the origination process for a business partner.

For more information, see Case Management in Account Origination.

  You can use the Business Rule Framework to carry out checks during account origination, for example to verify completeness or consistency.

For more information, see Business Rule Framework in Account Origination.

  You can use the FS Quotation transaction type to create and edit quotations for financial services.

For more information, see Maintaining a Financial Service Quotation.



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