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Function documentation NUMC Data Type


It is a data type defined for the attributes of a business object (BO) or business query (BQ). It stores attribute’s data as a string value in the application database. It is similar to the NUMC data type that exists in the CRM Server. Therefore, it allows better exchange of data between mobile clients and CRM Server.  

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Business framework regards the NUMC data type as a string data type. This consideration is to avoid any restriction on the length of the data for a NUMC variable. Otherwise, if the business framework regards NUMC as an integer, then the length of NUMC variable is restricted to the length of the integer or long variable.

User interface framework also provides a similar data type that can be associated to a text field or a grid column.


The NUMC data type:

·  Stores BO or BQ attribute’s data in a defined length format with leading zeroes

·  Does not allow decimal values

·  Does not allow characters

·  Has no restriction on length of the data

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NUMC data type has the following restrictions.


  i.  The NUMC data type is not supported for business collection JOIN fields.

  ii.  Business framework does not distinguish between the values such as 0012, 012, 12 for a NUMC data type attribute. As a result of this, the AttributeChanged event does not occur while setting values for the attribute.

  iii.  The specific search criterion, “<value>*”, is not supported on the NUMC data type attribute. For example, “123*”.


·  Specify the data type of an attribute as NUMC while modeling the corresponding BO or BQ in the Mobile Application Studio.

·  Identify the segment field associated with the BO or BQ attribute, and the table field associated with the segment field. Change the data type of the segment field, and the table field to CHAR or VARC or VARCHAR data type.

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BDoc Modeler provides a data type called NUMC for segment fields. This data type is interpreted as a decimal value and not as a string value. Therefore, the data type of the segment field must not be specified as NUMC in BDoc Modeler. Instead, it must be specified as a CHAR or VARC or VARCHAR data type.

·  The NUMC data type retrieves a value from the application database as a string value. However, if you want to perform any calculations, you can convert the string value into an integer value. After performing the calculations and before setting the attribute value, you must convert the integer value back to the string value.


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