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  Maintain Global Product Master Data


  1. In the SAP menu, choose   SCM Basis  Master Data  Product   . The Product Master: Initial screen appears.Here you have the following options:

    • View

      To maintain global product master data, choose Global Data .

      If you choose Location and enter a location, the location product master screen appears. In this view, you can also maintain global product master data. For more information, see Maintaining Location-Dependent Product Master Data .

    • Profile definition

      On the initial screen of the product master, you can also maintain profiles, such as the lot size profile or the requirement/demand profile, independently of the product. You can assign these profiles to the product. For more information on the individual profiles, refer to the SAP library under SAP Supply Chain Planning ( SAP SCM ). This contains sections on Demand Planning, Supply Network Planning (SNP), and Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS).

  2. Enter a product number. The product number can be either alphanumeric or numeric. You can set the representation of the numeric product number in Customizing for SCM Basis under   Master Data  Product  Define Output Format of Product Number   .

    The Create Product screen appears.

  3. Enter the base unit of measure in which the product stock is to be measured.

  4. Enter an identifier for the product. In doing so, take care not to use the special characters ”*” (asterisk) and ”;” (semi-colon).

  5. The following tab pages are available for global product master data.

    • Properties

    • Properties 2

      On this tab page, you can specify alternative product numbers and product groups for a product.

    • Properties SPP

      This tab page is displayed only if you are using Service Parts Planning (SPP). For more information, refer to the SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) section of the SAP Library under   Advanced Planning and Optimization  Service Parts Planning(SPP).  

    • Classification

      This data is used primarily in Demand Planning and in characteristics-based planning. For more information, refer to the SAP library under SAP SCM .

    • Units of Measure

    • ATP

      On this tab page, you maintain the data that is relevant to the global availability check (global available-to-promise, ATP) for a product. For more information on global available-to-promise, see the SAP library under SAP SCM .

    • SNP1

      On this tab page, you maintain the data relevant to the planning of a product with Supply Network Planning (SNP). For more information on Supply Network Planning, refer to the SAP library.

    • Packaging Data

      This data is used for the packing instructions applicable to a product.

    • Storage

      This data is used in Extended Warehouse Management. Further information is available in the SAP SCM section of the SAP library under SAP Extended Warehouse Management.