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Function documentation Process-Oriented Storage Control 


You use this type of storage control to map complex putaways or stock removals. In doing so, you combine your storage process steps into one storage process. You can also trace the status of the individual process steps.


Process-oriented storage control only operates with handling units.



For more information about integration, see Storage Control.



For more information about the prerequisites, see Storage Control.



You define the process steps for your complex storage process.

A process step is, for example, unloading, counting, or deconsolidating. Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) recognizes internal process steps predefined by SAP and external steps that you can define yourself. Your external process stesps can base themselves on internal ones.

In addition, internal or external process steps can be simple, such as unloading, or combined, such as deconsolidating.

For more information, see Direct and Combined Storage Control.

The process steps for the Counting and Deconsolidating processes predefined by SAP can be dynamic.

During goods receipt or goods issue, EWM copies the predefined process steps from the storage process type to the handling unit. EWM assigns these process steps to a handling unit as soon as it has created or changed them.



To make Customizing settings for process-oriented storage control, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) for SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) under Extended Warehouse Management ® Cross-Process Settings ® Warehouse Task ® Define Process-Oriented Storage Control.



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