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Object documentationRevaluation - Selection Criteria


Use this window to specify selection criteria for the Revaluation report.

To open the window, choose   Financials  Financials Reports  Accounting  General Ledger.   In the General Ledger – Selection Criteria window choose Revaluation.

Alternatively, open it from the Reports module.

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FC Tab

Choose the currency to which you want to revaluate.

Revaluation Method

Choose whether to calculate the revaluation according to the rate defined in the Posting Date or Due Date of the transaction, or according to Fixed Rate. If you choose the last option, enter the required fixed rate.

Average Rate from Interval (in Days)

Specify the number of days for calculating an average rate in case an exchange rate was not defined for a specific date.

Refer to Rates in Journal Entry

Select this checkbox to use the rate defined in the journal entries, if it is different from the rate defined in the Exchange Rates and Indexes window.

Revaluate Multi-Currency G/L Account/BP

Multi-currency accounts and business partners must have their values converted to one currency before they can be revaluated.

Select whether to revaluate multi-currency G/L accounts or business partners by local currency or by system currency.

Index Tab

Choose the required month and year of the index.


Displays the index defined for the chosen month and year. Change this value if required.

Revaluation Method

Choose whether to calculate the revaluation according to the index defined for the Posting Date or the Due Date of the transaction.

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