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Procedure documentation Assigning a G/L Account to a Cash Clearing Account 


If you permit payments with payment cards, then in this step you have to maintain the assignment of an OI managed G/L account containing open items per credit card type to a cash clearing account.

The G/L account records all receivables that you report to the credit card company using a settlement program. The open items reported are offset against the related cash clearing account by the settlement program, and cleared.

If you want authorization of the payment card and payment amount for payments by credit card, you need to connect authorization software to Accounts Receivable Accounting. SAP has defined a standard interface for payment cards that clearing houses can also use to create their own protocols.

With the specifications in Customizing, you define the connection of the authorization software to the payment card interface:


·  You have installed the authorization software.

·  You have entered into a contract with a clearing house.

·  You have made the central settings for payment cards in the Implementation Guide for FI-AR.



  1.  In the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Accounts Receivable Accounting choose Business Transactions ® Payments with Payment Cards ® Assign G/L Account to Cash Clearing Account.

  2.  Carry out the following steps:

  • Assign the cash settlement accounts to the receivables accounts
  • Set the authorization and settlement control for the transfer of account data between you and the clearing house.

  3.  You can enter the following in the details for an account

  • Authorization and settlement functions

Data is converted using this function module that you send to and receive from a clearing house.



You can use the function CCARD_AUTH_SIMULATION to simulate the authorization.

For further information on the simulation function, for example which payment cards are used in the test, see the documentation on the function module.


You can use the function CCARD_SETTLEMENT_SIMULATION to simulate the settlement.


  • RFC destination (Remote Function Call) for these functions

When you call up the authorization or settlement function the system accesses the related logical destination that carries out the authorization or settlement. This involves either an SAP internal system, or an external system.




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