Procedure documentation Maintaining Customer Master Jurisdiction Code 


The customer tax jurisdiction code is automatically determined and displayed on the address data screen as well as on the control data screen. The jurisdiction code determination occurs when the address information is input into the customer master address screen.

The minimum address data that must be entered for this to occur is the country (U.S. or Canada), the postal code (zip code) and the region (state or province). If multiple jurisdiction codes are associated with this minimum data, a pop-up window displays all choices by state, county and city. The user must then choose the appropriate jurisdiction code. If the district (county) is available to be sent to the third party system, the result could be a specific jurisdiction being returned. However, misspellings do not return any jurisdiction codes. A pop-up window informs the user when the jurisdiction code has been updated.

When loading master data by batch input, no automatic determination of the appropriate jurisdiction code can be made if multiple jurisdiction codes are returned and the jurisdiction code is not be updated within the master record. User intervention is required to correct those records that fail update during batch processing. The exact jurisdiction code returned depends on the external tax system.

If tax jurisdiction code is determined using F4 on the field, the resulted tax jurisdiction code is checked against the address data for consistency.



  1.  To enter the customer tax jurisdiction code in the customer master record, from the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics ® Sales and Distribution ® Master Data ® Business Partners ® Customers ® Create/Change ® Complete. You can also use transactions V-03/V-09 to create a customer (Complete) or VD02/XD02 to change a customer (Complete).

  2.  Choose screens Address and Control data.


Messages can be displayed as a result of the tax jurisdiction determination process. For example: if jurisdiction code cannot be determined due to misspellings or due to multiple jurisdiction codes returned in batch input.

These messages can behave as an error, warning or information message. It depends on the customizing set up.

To customize the messages, in Customizing for Financial Accounting, choose Financial Accounting Global Settings ® Tax on Sales/Purchases ® Basic Settings ®Change Message Control for Taxes.