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Background documentation Processing Meter Reading Data in Dynamic Period Control 

You can use the following enhancements and programs for processing meter reading data for dynamic period control (DPC).

Enhancement: Customer-Specific, Independent Validation

If you use DPC with the basic category Determination of Current Periods via Meter Reading Results, you can use the Customer-Specific, Independent Validation enhancement (EDMLELDV) to implement an individual validation. This check determines if the current real meter reading results is greater than the last real meter reading result. For more information, see SAP note 398471.


If you use DPC with the basic category Estimation of Meter Reading Results in Billing, you can use several programs to change the Estim. in Bill. field. You can find these programs in the Easy Access menu for the Utilities Industry under Device Management ® Meter Reading ® Estimate Meter Reading Results in Billing.

·  Use the Deactivation for Individual Installation program (RELDELEB) if you have set the Estim. in Bill. indicator but real meter reading results already exist for the date selected. This generates meter reading orders for the billing order. In the billing order, the value in the Estim. in Bill. field changes from Billing Estimates Value from Meter Reading Unit (01) to Billing Does Not Estimate Value Deleted by Individual report (04).

·  Use the Activation for Individual Installation program (RELSETEB) if Estim. in Bill. is not maintained and there are no meter reading results available for the periodic meter reading date. The existing meter reading orders are deleted; the value in the Estimated in Billing field changes to Billing Estimates Value Changed by Individual Report (03).

·  The Activation for Multiple Installations program (RELSETEBMASS)executes the changes described above for all installations that do not have any real meter reading results in an interval.


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