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Object documentation Quantity Schedules in the Contract 


When you create a purchase contract or a sales contract, the system creates a quantity schedule for each item, dependent on the order type.


If there is a call-off for the contract, the system checks in the quantity schedule whether the quantity may be called-off for the period. If the call-off quantity is larger than the scheduled quantity, the system produces a warning message or error message (which one it is depends on your specific system setting).

In the contract, the quantity schedules for the called-off items are updated by listing the quantity called-off in the respective breakdown period.


The quantity schedule is broken down into two areas:

  • Header data
  • Schedule lines

Header Data

When you create a contract, the header data of the quantity schedule is filled by the system with default data from the exchange agreement. Some of the default data, however, can be changed manually. If the contract is not assigned to an exchange agreement, you have to enter the header data manually.

The following data is copied into the header data of the quantity schedule and can then no longer be changed:

  • The item and the material for which the quantity schedule was created
  • The item quantity, because it is the target quantity specified in the contract
  • The unit of measure for which the base unit of measure (of the material) is always used in the quantity schedule.

You can change all the other information in the header data. That data includes:

  • The breakdown indicator for the quantity schedule
  • The factory calendar ID.
  • The split indicator, which indicates whether the quantity is to be distributed equally over the periods, or according to the number of workdays in a period.
  • The validity period for the quantity schedule (within the validity period of the contract).

A line is displayed under the header data, which informs you how many schedule lines the quantity schedule has. In addition, the system provides the total scheduled quantities from the periods and the total quantities called-off from those periods.

Schedule Lines

The schedule lines are also automatically created by the system based on the header data. They are listed as follows:

  • The schedule date corresponds to the start date of the period in question. The start date is always a workday, and is based on the factory calendar that was selected.
  • The breakdown indicator is listed under the BI column. It determines the schedule line of the quantity schedule in the call-off created for the item.
  • The Scheduled column refers to the quantity scheduled for the call-off in the corresponding period.
  • The actual called-off quantity is displayed under Called-off. This quantity is updated according to the delivery date when you create a call-off.




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