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Process documentation Call-Offs 


A purchase order is a formal request to a vendor to supply specific goods or services under specified conditions. A call-off is an order that references a

purchase contract.

You can use this process to create a call-off.


The procedure and menu paths in the following documentation refer to the previous call-off and not the Enjoy purchase order.

For information on how the Enjoy purchase order is integrated in the exchange data flow, see

Enjoy purchase order. For information on the interface and functions of the Enjoy purchase order, see the help area within the application, which you can show or hide.

Process Flow

  1. You create a call-off order with reference to the purchase contract.
  2. You enter the order quantity and the delivery date.
  3. You can edit the quantity schedule and the fees at item level.
  4. You decide whether or not order items are relevant for split invoicing.
  5. At this point, you can send the order to your vendor.
  6. Result

    In the Exchanges area, the purchase contract is assigned to an exchange agreement and thus the data from the exchange is copied into the call-off.

    As was the case for the purchase contract, the following data is copied from the exchange header into the call-off:

    • Exchange number
    • Sub-product/base product relevance indicator
    • Netting blocking indicator
    • Base product number

    There is a quantity schedule for each item; the breakdown is copied from the purchase contract. The breakdown period in the quantity schedule is based on the delivery date.

    The fees for the individual items are also copied from the purchase contract into the call-off.

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