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Function documentation Incoming Payment Processing 


Incoming payment processing enables you to assign incoming payments for renewal subscriptions or period renewal subscriptions automatically to the order items, thus triggering subscription renewal. If a payment amount differs from the expected payment amount, the incoming payment can be edited manually.


Incoming payment processing affects subscription renewal together with the functions for monitoring and amortization.


Amortization does not take place for period renewal subscriptions because the purchase period for this kind of subscription corresponds to the billing period.


·  If Financial Accounting is located in an external ERP System:
Maintain settings for communication between the SAP components FI and IS-M/SD under Media Sales and Distribution
® Periodical Sales and Distribution ® Sales ® Order ® Renewal Subscription ® Maintain Parameters for Connection Between FI and IS-M

·  In FI (regardless of whether or not it is in an external ERP System):
Activate the Publish&Subscribe interface for communication between FI and IS-M/SD for incoming payments.
To do this, you must maintain the business transaction events in the Basic Settings for Financial Accounting. Activate the IS-M/SD application under Settings ® Identification ® SAP applications and assign function module ISM_INTERFACE_00001030 to event 00001030 and function module ISM_INTERFACE_00001110 to event 00001110 via Settings ® P/S function modules ...of an SAP appl.

·  If a renewal subscription is to be restarted automatically when a delayed payment is received (once the second grace period is past), there must be a campaign framework in the system that does not allow commission and that refers to the event Restart.

·  You must make the following settings so that errors in the incoming payment can be corrected manually:

¡  Settings for SAP Business Workflow.

The standard task JKRENEW_ERR must be activated for use in workflow processing.
No users are assigned to this task, i.e. a user assignment must be made by the customer. When doing this, it is advisable to create an organizational structure in the SAP Business Workflow development environment and assign it to the standard task in the user assignment. In addition, you must also maintain a logical destination in the table of RFC destinations (RFCDES) for each client in which the workflow functions are to be used. The user for these logical destinations should be a neutral workflow user with the necessary authorizations (e.g. WF batch).

¡  Settings for the SAPoffice functions

Error situations that are irrelevant to the user and that lead to cancellation of incoming payment processing in IS-M/SD are reported to the administrator responsible or to a group of administrators by means of SAPoffice mails. To use these functions, you must create a distribution list in a general folder in SAPoffice and record this in the general parameters for the renewal subscription.


Incoming payment processing for renewal subscriptions has the following features:

·  Assignment of incoming payments from Financial accounting (by the assignment number from the FI posting document) to the subscription items.

·  Acceptance of renewal offers

¡  Automatic if the payment amount can be assigned to a renewal offer item

¡  Manual if the payment amount cannot be assigned to a renewal offer item

The administrator responsible receives a workflow requesting that they accept the renewal offer manually (on the liability account detail screen). The difference between the payment amount and the purchase price of the offer item accepted is copied into the offer item as a manual condition. The difference amount is used to align the purchase price of the offer item with the actual payment amount.

·  Automatic creation of a billing index when the renewal offer is accepted

The billing document is created during the next billing run and transferred to Financial Accounting to clear the customer account.

·  Moving expiration date of the order item according to the period covered by the assigned payment amount

·  Logging of payment amount on liability account of order item


Incoming payment processing for a renewal subscription is triggered automatically when you update the incoming payment. You need only intervene manually if the payment amount differs from the purchase price of the subscription.

You can set a shipping block until an incoming payment is received for backdated order items.




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