Function documentation T4 Form Reprint 


This Employee Self-Service enables the employees to review their T4 forms online and print duplicate forms, if necessary.


·  An employee must have an SAP user that is directly linked to their SAP employee master data in the Communication infotype (0105) subtype 0001.

·  Payroll results for the employee must exist for at least one period in the assessment year.


SAP delivers a standard activity group that contains all the necessary authorizations. For more information, see Structure linkEmployee Self-Service (ESS).

Standard Settings

To set up the ESS users, you have to make various settings in Customizing. For further details, see the IMG under Personnel Management ® Employee Self-Service.


·  The system uses the current reporting tax year by default. This default year changes automatically on March 1 of any given year.

·  An employee can have more than one T4 form for a single financial year. The system displays all the T4 forms pertaining to the financial year selected by the employee. The employee can identify the T4 Form he or she requires with the help of following information:

  SAP Run ID

This is an internal identification number that HR departments use for trouble shooting. This Run ID corresponds to the Run ID in which the Year End Reporting utility processed the employee’s tax form.

  Tax Form

This column identifies the type of tax form that was processed.

  Form Type

This column indicates whether the tax form at hand is original or amended.

  Employer name

This column indicates the employer name that was printed on the employee’s original T4 form.

  Province employment

This column displays the province of employment for each tax form.

  The ESS displays a print preview of the T4 form, which the employee can review before choosing Print to produce a reprint of the selected T4 form.

Service Name

The service name of this Employee Self-Service is HRESSCA_TFR.

Development Objects

The following development objects are used:

  Development class: PC07

  Transaction: HRESSCA_TFR