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Process documentation Notification of Expiration of Awards 


This process enables you to notify employees of the imminent expiration of their awards with the help of Workflow.


  • You have maintained the event receiver linkage for the workflow template Expiration of Awards (CMPExpire).
  • Note

    For more information see the Compensation Management IMG under Administration ® Awards ® Workflow ® Set up Award Expiration Workflow.

    • Awards which are granted to employees have a fixed expiration date.

    Process Flow

    1. One of the following events occurs:
    2. The line manager or the compensation manager grants an employee an award.

      The expiration date of an award that has already been granted changes due to a life event.

    3. The system checks whether the award has a definite expiration date.
    4. If so, the system sends the employee notification of the expiration of the award two months in advance.
    5. Result

      The employee is informed of the imminent expiration of the award in due time and can decide whether he or she wishes to exercise the award in the time remaining .

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