Function documentation Singapore Income Tax IR8A report (RPCT8AR0) 


SAP recommends that you use the Singapore Income Tax IR8A (New Report) report (RPCT8AR0_01), which is the new version of this report.


This function helps generate the following income tax forms:

·  Form IR8A

The report by default generates the Form IR8A.

·  Form 8E

From the tax year 2001 onwards, you have the option of generating the Form 8E instead of the default Form IR8A.


For employees who have exercised company stocks in the given financial year, the report generates the Appendix 8B.

A Singapore legal requirement states that the income tax form must be issued to employees and pensioners no later than March 1, of the year following the reporting year. Employees and pensioners are required to attach this form to their annual income tax return.


 If you use e-filing for your Income tax returns, no attachments are necessary but you must enter certain information from the Form IR8A.


·  Ensure that you have classified all tax-reporting-related wage types, in the Wage Type Valuation table (T512W), into evaluation class 07 (Wage type allocation for Form IR8A).


To ensure that gross commissions, bonuses and director's fees (in a period other than the reporting year) are printed on the Form IR8A, you need to create new records in the Awards infotype (0183), which automatically generates a new record in the Additional Payments infotype (0015). This record will show the Pay date as the records start date.

·  Ensure that the Stock Options (Singapore) Infotype (0739) record(s) exist for an employee, and the employee has exercised company stocks in the given financial year.


Based on the results of the Singapore payroll driver (RPCALCR0), the Form IR8A form is generated for the year for each employee and the following features are available:

·  The function looks for the payroll results since the latest hire date. If an employee rejoins the company, a Form IR8A related to previous employment period is printed as of the last termination date..

·  In the case of an Employment Pass (EP) holder becoming a Permanent Resident (PR), the Identification Card (IC) number to be reported is the PR number. The Singapore PR NRIC (Res.status) subtype (02) of the ID Data infotype (0185) is configured with a higher priority than the Employment Pass subtype (F2). That means the system reports the PR number instead of the EP number.

·  This function can also be used to print out the IR8A forms for terminated employees at anytime of the year. In this case, you need to specify the last pay period in the reporting year to print the IR8A forms.

·  The function uses SAPScript to control the layout of the IR8A form. Each time the format changes, SAP changes the SAPScript to match the new layout and makes this available to customers.

·  SAPScript can make the necessary font substitutions to suit various printers and thus retain the global layout.


  1.  From the SAP Easy Access menu, choose Human Resources ® Payroll ® Asia/Pacific ® Singapore ® Subsequent activities ® Annual ® Reporting ® Tax reports ® IR8A.

The Singapore Income Tax IR8A entry screen appears. The contents of the Name of authorized person and Telephone no., are derived from the Administrator table (T526), and used as the default.

  2.  Enter the relevant information.

  3.  If you want the report to choose the Employer Name from the Personnel Area, select the Print PArea/Company code indicator. Else, the report will obtain the Employer Name from the Company Code.

  4.  Select the Output Options as:

¡  SAPScript

¡  Dot Matrix (IR8A)

¡  IRASLine

The SAPScript option creates a file on the drive A, B, C, …, or Z of your PC. If you select the drive A or B, it asks you to insert a formatted disk. If you select the drive C, …, or Z, you should provide a sub-directory. The filename's default is IR8A-01.TXT where there is only one employer Tax Reference Number. In the case of multiple tax reference numbers, the filename format is IR8A-*.TXT, where * is a system-incremented serial number.


If you have a file on your PC with the same name, it will be overwritten.

  5.  Under Form Options, select either 8A form or 8E form. Depending on your selection, the report generates either the Form IR8A or the Form 8E.

  6.  Choose Program ® Execute.

¡  The report generates either the Form IR8A or the Form 8E for employee with valid payroll results in the reporting year.


If an employee has entries for gross commissions, bonuses or director's fees for a period other than the reporting year, they are included in the previous year's Form IR8A.

¡  The Appendix 8B for employees who have exercised company stocks in the given financial year.

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