Object documentation Standard Address 


Each partner may have more than one address. One of these is defined as the standard address. In the applications that use the business partner, you have the choice of using a different address to the standard address.


The standard address is used automatically if no other address is specified. When you create a new business partner, the address you enter is defined as the standard address, and is valid indefinitely.

You can enter alternative addresses and their validity periods on the Address Overview tab page, using the Create button.


For more information, see Assign Address Usage.

If the validity period you defined in the address overview for the standard address has ended without the standard address being replaced by another address, then the last address to occupy the position retains the standard address status. When determining the validity periods for standard addresses, the system requires the standard address to be filled at all times.

If the address usage you selected is not valid in the applications that use the SAP Business Partner, the standard address is used.


You make settings for the use of addresses that do not correspond with the standard address in Customizing for the Business Partner.