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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Example: Overpayment / Underpayment 

The following example illustrates payment postings and updates that have different amounts to the items to be cleared. They are overpayments and underpayments (partial payments).

Over/underpayment postings create a divided amount into two line items in the business partner item.

·  If there is an underpayment, the divided amount is in the invoice document to be cleared. An item maps the partial clearing and the outstanding receivable of others. In the payment document, the underpayment is posted as full clearing of the partial amount with the FM category C (clearing) and is updated in the assigned FM account assignment.

·  If there is an overpayment, the divided amount is in the payment document. An item maps the full clearing of invoicing and is updated as FM category C (clearing) in the assigned revenues FM account assignment. The remaining amount is posted as a payment on account item with FM category G (payment on account).


You can only update payments on account from Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable into Funds Management, if you have activated Structure linkPayment Matching in Funds Management. In SAP’s standard system, Funds Management is set so that payments on account are not updated.

The example below depicts an overpayment. In the business partner item, payment amount (300) is divided into a clearing amount (-200) and a payment on account (-100). In Funds Management, the payment matching is activated, therefore the payment on account is also relevant for the update. The derivation rules are also defined so that the settlement payment and the payment on account are in different FM account assignments.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

To simplify the subject, the graphic illustrates only one payment document. This is why the amounts of the line items and data records in the totals table are the same – in practice this is not the case.

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