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Object documentationStandard Settlement Instructions


Payment processing and settlement information such as bank account details for a specific currency and payment category to be used for a financial institution. The financial institution specifies this information.


The system uses standard settlement instructions to determine the financial institutions that are involved in cross-border payments and support correspondent banking scenarios. For example, standard settlement instructions contain information about the intermediary financial institutions used by the ordering and receiving financial institutions.


A record of standard settlement instructions contains the following data:

  • Record key

  • Operational BIC

  • ISO currency code

  • Payment category

    • ALL: All Types of Payments

    • COM: Commercial\Retail\Customer Payments

    • FIN: All Interbank Wholesale Payments

  • Holder BIC

  • Clearer BIC

  • Whether the record for standard settlement instructions is preferred by the owner of the standard settlement instructions for the same currency

  • Activation date and deactivation date

The record also indicates whether the data has been manually changed.


You upload information for standard settlement instructions from an external file. For more information, see Upload of Referential Data. The system maps the information to a generic data structure defined in Payment Engine (FS-PE). You can access the stored data on the SAP Easy Access screen by choosing   Payment Engine (FS-PE)  Referential Data  Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI)  Manage Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI)   (transaction /PE1/MN_SSI).

During the enrichment and validation process, the information of the standard settlement instructions is used to determine the financial institutions used in the transaction chain of cross-border payments. The data related to these financial institutions is enriched in accordance with the Payment Engine (FS-PE) metaformat of the payment item. The system can enrich the data of intermediary institutions and receiving institutions. For more information about enrichment and validation, see Enrichment and Validation. If the transaction chain cannot be determined completely, exception handling is triggered. For more information about exception handling, see Exception Control (FS-PE-EH).

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