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Background documentationArchiving Tools


For archiving data in Payment Engine (FS-PE) and other functions, you use these tools:

  • Archiving Engine

    The Archiving Engine is the major tool for archiving tasks in Payment Engine (FS-PE). You use it to archive payment orders, recalls, and request agents.

    For more information, see Archiving Engine.

  • Archiving Factory

    The Archiving Factory is an archiving development tool for the Archiving Engine. You use it to create, configure, and implement archiving scenarios.

    For more information, see Archiving Factory.

  • Archiving Monitor

    The Archiving Monitor shows the archiving tasks of the Archiving Engine. You can use it to display archivable and non-archivable data and to monitor, view, or interrupt the archiving process.

    For more information, see Archiving Monitor.

  • Archive Development Kit (ADK)

    The Archive Development Kit (ADK) is a tool for developing archiving solutions. It also performs archiving tasks in the background. You use it through the Archive Administration, for example, to archive logs and change data.

    For more information, see Archive Development Kit (ADK).

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