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Object documentationBank Master Data


Reference information about a financial institution that is required to conduct business transactions with this financial institution, such as the institution’s contact information, offices and branches, clearing codes such as BIC, and domestic clearing codes.


Bank master data uniquely identifies financial institutions. You upload bank master data provided by external data sources that the system uses to validate payment information, for example, bank identifier codes (BIC) and national IDs, and to support straight-through processing (STP) of cross-border payments.


A bank master data record contains the following data:

  • Record ID

  • Name of the financial institution (maximum four lines)

  • Bank identifier code (BIC)

  • BIC associated with the routing account national ID and its expiry date

  • Identification or account number of the US Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS)

  • Nonformatted address of the financial institution (maximum four lines)

  • Address of the financial institution (street, house number, country, postal code, city, post office box information)

  • Telephone number

  • Fax number

  • E-mail address

  • Web site URL

  • Head office record ID

  • Date on which the record was last updated

  • Activation date and deactivation date

The record indicates whether the data has been manually changed.


You upload bank master data from an external file. For more information, see Upload of Referential Data (Bank Master Data). You can access the stored data on the SAP Easy Access screen by choosing   Payment Engine  Referential Data  Bank Master Data  Manage Bank Master Data   (transaction /PE1/MN_BNKSTRUCT).

Note Note

When you manage bank master data records in this table, up to 250,000 records can exist. Therefore, you manage the records by country to reduce the number of records that the system displays.

End of the note.

For every bank master data record, you can create a business partner with the business partner role Bank. For more information, see Business Partner Generation (Offline).

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