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 SAP Screen Personas

Product Information


SAP Screen Personas


2.0 SP02

Based On

SAP NetWeaver 7.0

Documentation Published

May 2014


Various customers have requested for an ability to change and customize SAP Dynpro screens according to the needs of the business users. SAP Screen Personas Silverlight provides the flexibility to customize and transform the organization-specific SAP screen to suit their business needs. It gives business users and IT users the ability to meet the need for rapid screen changes, delivering improved user experience and increased work efficiency.

Implementation Considerations

  • Install the latest version of Silverlight version 5.0 UI technology (browser plug-in) from Microsoft in the client machines to render rich internet content.

  • Install SAP Kernel 7.21, 7.40 or higher version, if not already installed, in the server.


SAP Screen Personas is an add-on within SAP NetWeaver that utilizes the standard features for System Landscape Maintenance, User Maintenance, Group Maintenance, Flavor Maintenance, Media File Maintenance, and Transporting Objects. This solution can connect to multiple systems and is supported by installing SAP Screen Personas server in just one system. SAP Screen Personas is an add-on to be used as a utility on any underlying component with the SAP GUI.


  • Render and personalize SAP GUI screens in a web browser

  • Deliver screen modifications in a fast and cost-effective way, without any programming

  • Align user interfaces to business user needs and personal work styles

  • Reduce screen clutter for business users, allowing them to access only the data they need to transact business

  • Add extra information to screens through labels, tooltips, and sticky notes

  • Add images, web content, or shortcut buttons that start transactions from the screen

  • Trigger translation of screen texts


This component supports SAP GUI screens delivered by SAP.

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