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Procedure documentation Registering Components in SLD 


PI components must be registered in the System Landscape Directory (SLD) so that they can be monitored and administered by the Runtime Workbench. They are registered during the PI configuration either manually or automatically using the configuration wizard.

More information: Triggering Self-Registration in the SLD.

You can use the SLD registration in the Runtime Workbench to check whether the components were registered correctly during the configuration and to correct them if necessary. You can also register further components.


  Your PI components were registered in the SLD during configuration.

  You have started the Runtime Workbench and selected SLD Registration.


You can reregister components that have already been registered, or register new components for the first time. A distinction is made between central and local components. The status of a component is displayed with a symbol that can be red (registered with errors) or green (registered properly).


  If you want to reregister a component that has already been registered, choose the component and then select Register.

This is normally the case when a component has the red status. As soon as you select a component, more detailed information on the status is displayed.

  To register a new component for the first time, proceed as follows:

  a.  Choose the component type.

You can register the following components:

  Central or local Adapter Engine

  Runtime Workbench

  Integration Directory

  Enterprise Services Repository

  b.  Enter the host name and port number of the component.

  c.  Choose Register.


The newly registered component is displayed in the list of central and local components.



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