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Background documentation Adobe Document Services Configuration Guide 


The purpose of this configuration information is to describe the configuration steps required to set up the Adobe document services (ADS). ADS is part of the SAP NetWeaver installation, usage type AS Java.  ADS can be used in different scenarios. This guide covers all configuration steps that are required to run the ADS. Some scenarios may only need a subset of the configuration steps listed below. A detailed description of the purpose of each scenario and the corresponding system landscapes are given in the Master Guide.


Adobe® document services allow SAP applications (either Java or ABAP) to take advantage of the full range of capabilities in Adobe Acrobat® Professional, Adobe Acrobat Standard, and Adobe Reader®. For example, enhance the document handling capabilities of SAP NetWeaver Application Server. These capabilities enable SAP customers to:

·  Create and deploy interactive forms that look exactly like their paper counterparts

·  Work with forms in online and offline scenarios

·  Annotate PDF documents and collaborate on PDF document reviews

·  Capture data using forms and import that data directly into the SAP system

·  Allow users to digitally sign PDF documents

·  Embed other file formats inside PDF documents as attachments

Intended Audience

This guide describes how to configure Adobe document services. It is aimed at the system administrator and assumes familiarity with the SAP NetWeaver installation and configuration tools.

Configuration Process

The configuration description for Adobe document services covers the following configuration steps:

  Wizard-based configuration

  Manual basic configuration

  Optional additional configuration

  Configuration of Communication Security

  Central Monitoring

After you have performed the wizard-based steps, you should check the configuration settings.

Technical System Landscape

Different scenarios require different system landscapes. ADS can be used by both Java-based and ABAP based-applications. For more information, see Architecture.

Users and Assigned Roles

Following users are created by the wizard-based basic configuration for access of the Adobe document services.

Users for Adobe document services



Assigned Role


System user



Service user


The ADSUser is required for the communication between the forms application and the Adobe document services. The wizard-based configuration creates this user in the AS Java or in the AS ABAP depending on the installation settings for the SAP User Management Engine (UME). In a double-stack installation ADSUser is stored the AS ABAP when the UME is configured against the AS ABAP backend. In a Java standalone installation ADSUser is stored in the AS Java.

The service user ADS_AGENT in the AS ABAP is required for the communication between the Adobe document services and the AS ABAP, only when form designs (also known as form templates) are stored in the standard forms repository in AS ABAP. This is, for example, if you use PDF-based print forms.

Important SAP Notes

The most important SAP Notes that apply to the configuration of the Adobe document services are shown in the table below.

Important SAP Notes

SAP Note Number



Adobe Credentials


Adobe document services: Licenses


PDF Manipulation Module High Encryption


Interactive Forms: XDC-Scenarios


Information about printing PDF based Forms


SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe: Acrobat/Reader version


Related Documentation

For more information on developing forms, see Enabling Form-Based Processing of Business Data in the SAP Library.


Check the newest printable version of this Configuration Guide in the SAP Service Marketplace, available at Media Library   Documentation.


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