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Function documentation Alert Inbox 


The alert inbox is user-specific and displays all the alerts for each alert server that have been generated based on the alert configuration.

An alert can be delivered to you by e-mail, fax, or SMS. In each case, you will also find the alert in your alert inbox, irrespective of the delivery method.


You can also call the alert inbox directly by calling transaction ALRTINBOX.


·  You have set up a central alert server.

·  You have created alert rules.

·  You have chosen Alert Inbox on the initial screen of the Runtime Workbench.


You can execute the following activities in your alert inbox:

·  Confirm alerts and start a follow-up action

Confirmed alerts disappear from the inbox. You can also confirm alerts by e-mail, fax, or SMS. This also causes them to disappear from your alert inbox.

·  Forward alerts to another user

·  Refresh the alert display

·  Subscribe or unsubscribe to the alert categories that you are permitted to use, in order to receive or not receive the corresponding alerts.

·  Personalize alert delivery to meet your requirements

You can choose the type of delivery you want to use and a representative.

For more information about alerts and alert categories, see Alert Management.






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