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Background documentation InfoProvider Types 

InfoProviders can have extremely different types. However all InfoProvider types provide data for a query.

Most InfoProviders are modeled in the BW system. The basic objects can stand alone or be used in other InfoProviders:

  InfoObjects as InfoProviders

  InfoCube with types


  a.  standard, with data persistency in the BW system or in the BWA

  b.  real-time

  c.  semantically paritioned

  DataStore object with types


  a.  standard

  b.  write-optimized

  c.  for direct update

  d.  semantically paritioned

Staging is used to load data into these InfoProviders.

There are also InfoProviders that consist of or are derived from other InfoProviders:



  VirtualProvider with types


  a.  DTP-based

  b.  with BAPI

  c.  with function modules

  HybridProvider with types


  a.  DataStore-object-based

  b.  direct-access-based

  aggregation level

Certain InfoProviders (TransientProviders) are not modeled in the BW system. They are derived from a different object:

    TransientProvider Derived from Classic InfoSet

    TransientProvider Derived from Analytical Index