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Background documentationSmoke Test


The smoke test allows you to automatically check the installation prerequisites and the basic configuration of your SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search system.

The smoke test is already run once automatically at various points in the installation process. The prerequisite checks run after the installation of the operating system and the checks for the basic configuration are provided by the system at the end of the installation process.

If necessary, you can run the test in full at a later time as described below. A test run takes only a few minutes and has a minimum impact on system performance. It makes sense to run the test again in the following situations:

  • If you have changed the configuration of the hardware, the network, or the operating system.

  • If you have changed the basic configuration of the search system, for example the users or the connections to search providers.

  • If you find an error in the system for which the cause is not clear.

The smoke test includes the following points:

  • RFC connections to TREX and SAP search providers

  • Configuration of technical users

  • ICF services

  • File search using test data

  • Search for business objects using test data

  • Configuration of underlying software, such as the operating system

  • Configuration of the internal network for SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search

  • Configuration of the hardware used


  1. Log on to the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search administration cockpit with the Search_Admin user or a user with the same authorization.

  2. To start the smoke test, choose   Related Links  Smoke Test  .

  3. Select the parts of the test that you want to skip and start the test.

    Note Note

    If you have configured RFC connections with Single Sign-On to SAP search providers, you can test these connections only under the following conditions:

    • You have created a user in the search provider system with the same name as the user performing the test, for example Search_Admin.

    • The user in the search provider system has appropriate RFC authorization.

    End of the note.

    The smoke test runs without user interaction. You can monitor the progress of the test on the UI. The test results of the individual steps are indicated by a green, yellow (warning), or red (error) light.

  4. To display the status details for a test step, choose the corresponding row.

    The individual message are displayed below the table.

  5. To display possible solutions for an unsuccessful test step, choose the link to the SAP Note in the Solutions column.

    Note Note

    To display the SAP Notes, you require a valid user for SAP Service Marketplace.

    End of the note.

    List of SAP Notes for the smoke test:

  6. To display a list of your previous test runs, choose Display History.

More Information

For more information about solving errors that can occur during the smoke test or routine operations, see Troubleshooting.