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 D&B Vendor Analysis for SAP BW


D&B Vendor Analysis for SAP BW is part of Global Spend Analysis and as of SAP BW 3.1 Content / BI Content 3.2 Add-On, it is based on InfoCube 0BBP_C01 . All purchasing expenditure from Enterprise Buyer and Materials Management is recorded in this InfoCube. The MultiProvider 0SRM_DBM1 sets the InfoCube data in relationship to the D&B data from ODS Object 0DB_VCDS1 (see graphic).

Note Note

Up to and including SAP BW 3.1 Content / BI Content Add-On 3.1, the vendor analysis is based on InfoCube 0PUR_C01 .

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Also D&B Vendor Analysis for SAP BW is based on ODS Object 0DB_VCDS1 that contains the Dun & Bradstreet market data in the form of characteristics and key figures.

In order to use D&B Vendor Analysis for SAP BW , you must enter a contract with Dun & Bradstreet. Dun & Bradstreet then supplies you with business data on the companies that you evaluate in Global Spend Analysis . This data includes:

  • The D-U-N-S-Number with which you can uniquely identify your vendor company

  • Family trees that provide structure information on corporate groups; There you can find vendors that belong to the same corporate group

  • The annual sales of companies; You can use these figures to estimate how dependent vendor companies are on your orders


OLTP Release

SAP Enterprise Buyer , SAP Materials Management without Release restriction

BW Release

From BW 2.1C


Dun & Bradstreet enhances your master data and assigns the relevant D-U-N-S-Numbers.

A MultiProvider enables you to evaluate the combination of market data and internal spend information: