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Creating the Info Object List


You are in the initial screen of the Knowledge Warehouse and want to choose info objects to:

  • edit them online

  • maintain and display the attributes.

  • check them out for offline editing on a PC Procedure


Creating an Info Object List by Folder Selection

  1. Choose one or more folders in the Favorites.


    To select several folders listed one below the other, select the first folder, press the Shift key and select the last folder.

    To select several single folders, use the Ctrl key.

  2. Choose Start of the navigation path Folder Next navigation step Info Object List End of the navigation path or double-click on the folder title.

    A list of the information objects in the selected folders is displayed. The attributes of each information object are displayed in the current display variant.


    The information objects in the folder(s) are only displayed if the Knowledge Warehouse contains information objects for that context.

Creating the Info Object List by Searching

You can create the Info Object List with the Find Info Object function.


The Info Object List is created.


Choose Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Color Key End of the navigation path for an explanation of the colors used in the Info Object List.