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To get you up to speed with the topic of Process Integration as quickly as possible, there are various examples available that guide you through the technical concepts and tools step by step.

  • Simple Application Cases

    These provide a set of simple, fully-configurable, and executable process integration scenarios corresponding to a particular part of Process Integration.

    The application cases usually comprise a single cross-component communication step and can be configured and executed with a minimum amount of effort. Therefore, they are particularly useful as an introduction to the topic.

  • Demo Examples

    These provide a set of productive process integration scenarios that enable you to quickly learn the most important concepts of Process Integration and follow them in the system.

    Each process integration scenario represents a simple business application case from the area Booking a Flight . For this reason, you do not require specific business knowledge to use the demo examples. Each process integration scenario has detailed configuration instructions and can therefore be fully configured and executed.

Simple services are available for demo purposes in the ES Repository in the software component version SAP BASIS 7.30 in the namespace . The demo services comprise service interfaces, message types, and data types. The data types are based on global data types, modelled according to an SAP governance process. The demo services are shipped with SAP NetWeaver PI.