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 ABAP Editor


The ABAP Editor is a source code editing tool designed to handle the specifics of ABAP coding. It is one of the main components of the ABAP Workbench. You use the ABAP Editor to write and edit ABAP programs, class methods, function modules, screen flow logic, type groups, and logical databases.


If you want to use the ABAP Editor together with the Modification Assistant, read the documentation about Modifications in programs .

For more information about using the ABAP Editor in enhancement mode, see Enhancement Framework .


The ABAP Editor has the following different modes:

  • Front-End Editor (source code mode - new)
  • Front-End Editor (plain text mode)
  • Back-End Editor (line-based mode)

    The editor modes are fully compatible and interchangeable. Source code created using one mode is properly displayed by the system in all other modes.

The new Front-End Editor offers enhanced functionality over the other modes by allowing syntax highlighting, collapsing and expanding language blocks, code templates, code completion and so on. For more information, see Front-End Editor (Source Code Mode) .

The new Front-End Editor is available with SAP GUI 6.40 Patch Level 10 or higher. However, in order to have the editor integrated into the ABAP Workbench and to use all related transactions, you need the appropriate SAP system version. The first version supporting the new editor is SAP NetWeaver 7.0.

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