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Method BI_PERSISTENT~FIND_BY_LPOR is called by SAP WebFlow Engine when a persistent saved display of an object is to be converted into an isntance of the corresponding ABAP class.


Parameter: LPOR of the method is the persistent object reference of structure type SIBFLPOR . A reference of type BI_PERSISTENT is returned.

The following table shows the components of structure SIBFLPOR :




Describes the type of object ( CL for ABAP classes)


Name of the ABAP class


Object key. The key is restricted to 32 characters.

There are many ways of implementing this method. For persistent classes, the instace of an ABAP object can be created using the generated classes. In the case of an individual persistence management, the individual actions, such as creating the instance, existence check, filling public attributes, and so on, are implemented manually within the class.

There is an implementation example in the demo class CL_SWF_FORMABSENC .


Instance management takes place automatically for persistent classes. Instance management must also be performed by the class for individual persistence management. SAP WebFlow Engine does not provide any instance management. Therefore, instance management must be implemented in the case of individual persistence management. Method FIND_BY_LPOR should always return the same instance in order to avoid the following problems:

  • Inconsistencies in the data display

  • Data of an instance being overwritten by another instance

  • Lock collisions