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Creating a Web Dynpro Application


  • The structure of the w elcome Development Component (DC) you have created is currently displayed in the Web Dynpro Explorer .


The project structure you have created does not yet include all the elements that enable you to define the specific functions of an application. These additional elements are encapsulated in a Web Dynpro component that can contain any number of windows and views for visual representation and their corresponding controllers.

Moreover, you also need an object that can be used to address and display the Web Dynpro component in the Web browser. This is why you create a Web Dynpro application as an additional object. As an independent program unit it connects to an URL that can be accessed by the user with a window in the Web Dynpro component.


  1. Expand the Web Dynpro node in the structure of the w elcome DC.
  2. To start the relevant wizard, open the context menu of the Applications node and choose Create Application.
  3. Enter a name for your Web Dynpro application, such as WelcomeApp, and specify the package name (such as for the Java classes that will be generated. Then choose Next.
  4. In the window that appears, you must assign a Web Dynpro component to which the application is linked. Since a Web Dynpro component has not yet been created, the wizard creates a component at this point.
  5. Accept the selection Create a new component and choose Next again.

    In the next screen, you must specify some general values for the component.

  6. Enter the name WelcomeComp for your Web Dynpro component and specify the package name (such as for the Java classes to be generated.
  7. Accept the other suggested settings and choose Next .
  8. Accept the predefined settings for the window, the interface view, the startup plug and the default view, and choose Finish .


The application wizard performs several generation routines. Once it has finished, it adds the new application object to the structure, automatically opens the Properties view (in the right pane). Additionally, it inserts a substructure for the new Web Dynpro component WelcomeComp , including the view Welcome Comp View .

You can now access all parts of the project using the graphical editor called Component Modeler and use it for convenient top-down navigation through all of the layers and development objects.