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Light Framework Page


The portal provides a framework page for displaying light content for an external-facing portal. Light content is content that uses fewer resources than standard content, for example, because it does not use HTMLB or client-side eventing JavaScript.

The Light Framework Page differs from the Classic Framework Page in the following ways:

  • The Light Framework Page creates a single-frame page, avoiding the need for client-side JavaScript that would enable different frames to communicate with each other.

  • The Light Framework Page uses light navigation iViews, which avoid the use of resource-heavy HTMLB and client-side eventing JavaScript.

For more information about an external-facing portal, see Implementing an External-Facing Portal .

Location of Components

The following objects are provided for the Light Framework Page :


Portal Application

Light Framework Page ( light_framework.jsp )

Light Innerpage ( light_WAandNavPanel.jsp )

Light Content Area

Light Masthead

Light TLN

Light Page Title Bar

Light DTN

In addition to the above components, the Tools Area , Dynamic Navigation , Related Links , and Portal Favorites iViews are the same as those in the Classic Framework Page .